Any insights on Europrop trading?

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  1. Hello fellow traders,

    Just dropping a quick thread to ask you about Europrop trading.

    Is any of you working with them at the moment or possibly worked with them in the past? I would like to hear your reviews and tell me how you feel about the service that they provide.

    Thanks in advance guys,

  2. Come on guys, I am pretty sure that you can help me with some information.

    Do you know who do they clear through?
    Do you know if they are solid?
    Had any of you have any problems with them?

    I would be grateful if you could provide me with any information

    Thanks guys,

  3. if nobody is answering it probably means they aren't a bigger firm that people on the board are familiar with. Do a search and you will find the firms that have good reviews (Bright Trading, EchoTrade, JC Trading, Capital Traders Group) and the bad ones (IFundTraders, Element Trading, Etc.)
  4. t0pd0g

    t0pd0g gave the community an hour and fifty minutes to respond and you get an attitude. Nice. Did you ever think some of us are actually trading??

    Never heard of Europrop. Agree with previous poster about sticking with established firms like the ones he mentioned.

    ....and lighten up!
  5. Thanks guys for the replies.

    I was hoping that somebody came across Europrop at some point. I read on their website that they have offices in Poland and Spain. Maybe they are not so popular in North America.

    Still any insight will be highly appreciated.
  6. I think they're an offshore strictly non-US firm...
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    I work(and couple friends) as a remote trader for Europrop(EPT) in Poland for 6 months(friends for year)

    What do u exactly want to know? Im trading via Sterling. Shorts are mostly everywhere. I cannot tell such things like how much deposit i needed to start trading or my commissions...

    The best way is to contact directly with them(via skype or webpage) and ask.

    From their side, everything is ok for me. Sometimes there are problems with sterling platform but this is not their fault.

    Earlier i worked at Swift(Orbixa) office in Poland(2006-2010) but their trading platform sucks, quotes sucks, shorts sucks, etc... sucks.

    I do not know how it is possible that Orbixa still exists...

  8. Thank you guest2,

    At least you work with them. I was getting a bit discouraged that I am the only person who heard about them on this forum. By the way, how are the managers in this firm? Are they helpful? I was told that Malick Maachi runs the Canadian office and a guys called Oskar Rozynski runs the Polish office. Are they easy to work with? What is their attitude to helping remote traders with technical problems?

    Thanks in advance
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    You must be more specific about technical problems. If u ve problems with Sterling u contact with EPT HO via skype/mail/phone(eg. when u lose connection and u cannot flat your positions)/Sterling support. If u ve problem with internet connection u call your ISP.

    A little bit info about these guys u mention:

    Malick Maachi is a CEO of EPT. I do not contact direct with him if any problems. Oskar Ro¿yñski supports polish daytraders. There is another guy to mention, mainly for polish daytraders. His name is Tomek(EN: Tom), the owner of and organizer of ` Event` in Poland =>

    I do not know if this is a good term in english: `They are open`. If any problems - they will help, if any questions - they will answer. One more important thing: all these guys are active traders.

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    Do they take people from US?
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