Any insight on NYX and it's total thrashing?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by bxptone, May 19, 2008.

  1. bxptone


    I mean I've taken nothing but a pounding on this. I mean this thing couldn't get volume with a penny stock promoter behind this. I've seen the insider trading and it's like a personal ATM machine for some of these ****'s. But even so, it had blowout earnings, volumes have been growing, cost cutting measures taking place.

    LMFAO. wow as I'm typing it just tanked under 70 !! LMFAO, WOW IM DONE, IM OUT OF THIS PIECE OF SHIT.

    Strictly forex for me. Stocks are like the biggest scam on earth. I just emptied my position and shorted 100 shares for the fun of it.

  2. wake37


    I would rather buy then sell at these levels.
  3. agreed...if it did pull back more in the mid to low 60's i think it is a big time buy and hold if you are looking to scale into a long term position in NYX. that's just my quick opinion and i have no plans on getting in it so take it for what it's worth.
  4. This is one that every time it rallies ... you have to sell it short. The company makes a boatload of money, but they manage to spend almost all of it. It's growth prospects are steady, but by no means outstanding.

    The way to play NYX ... is to sell those rallies.

  5. you know if amex has a ton of debt or something? i know that the amex real estate is worth quite a bit but i have never bothered to even look into how much debt they have. it could certainly be a drag on the stock. maybe it is a buy after the merger closes. who knows...i haven't traded this thing in forever.
  6. Former seat owners have tons of stock locked up still and if they own AMEX seats they will be getting even more shortly...

    That goes without mentioning nasdaq, LSE, dark pools...

  7. I remember trading this stock the IPO day. I actually bought AX the day before at 64 bucks. I think I even got the last print.
  8. NYX is down to the yearly lows ... may create a double bottom in this area.

    I sold out in the last rally and am looking for a good place to buy. Anybody buying down here?