Any info would be appreciated on StrategyRunner

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by delta1, May 31, 2006.

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    I'm interested in all feedback on this program as I am currently in the market for a new software program.
  2. i find strategy runner using pats very slow compared to even ib. today when the market went wild the data was 30 seconds behind. i find there fills a few seconds delayed. if a position trader its fine but for a hard core scalper i'd stay away
  3. Tthat is just not true....

    Everyone knows that the only thing that makes a difference in speed is the infrastructure provided by the broker (FCM) you are trading with.

    I traded on all SR, Ninja, TM,TT FF and some others and I can tell you (and anyone that truly traded with more then one on line platform and broker that you can try the same platform in 3 different brokerage houses and get very different results.

    I have see SR run faster then TT in some FCMs (also remember SR is the only platform that old your stops on thier server in the FCM so even if your pc crashes your orders are safe and executed faster).

    and I have other places that SR lags. so what you should ask is which FCM's have the best infrastructure for running SR....
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    Which FCMs, just curious

    SR data feed is only from PATS, no other data provider

    Let me know what I missed?:eek: