any info on ghco

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  1. GHCO

    Does this firm offer a salary or draw when you start?

    What is their training like?

    any experiences?

  2. ttbodnar


    Had a friend who left their Chicago Office about 4 months ago said they started him off on a salary while taking 65% of his profits (2 yr contract) then redid his contract in the middle of his first for another 2 years and took 50% of his profits but no salary just a draw (more of a loan). Said the firm was losing people left and right either from them blowing up or people just waiting to get out of contract.
  3. how much is the salary?
  4. ttbodnar


    It was 30K but I think they have now done away with it.
  5. they still pay a draw which is taken against your P&L (not a salary - sorry NO "prop" firms do that or ever did)

    no training program though so good luck!
  6. GHCO used to pay guaranteed salaries into six figures. Of course, you only reached that paygrade after their profits went into seven figures. :)