Any info/experience on fidelity financial llc

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    Good day gents,

    I've received an offer to be part of the team at fidelity financial and am wondering if anyone has any knoweldge about this firm?
    Here is their site:

    I will refrain from giving my angle on this thus far and am simply polling the board its expertise (if any).
  2. looks like a scam
  3. londonkid


    i checked out their website and the vibes I got were not good. also why use the name fidelity unless you are trying to steal some of the 'prestige' of the well known fund group fidelity. Both of these are red flags for me, it's just anecdotal evidence. perhaps someone from fidelity can post here.
  4. they're going to get sued as soon as fidelity finds out whats going on
  5. jmoo


    No phone number, location and paypal purchase on the site for 5k.... Nahh not shady at all

  6. emg



    Obvious they target small traders. Small Traders are so easy to get their money.

    Too Easy!
  7. jj90


    emg, get the fuck outta here.

    I will conclude this thread by saying the research I have done so far on this firm has led me to the same conclusion that all posters including the ones I PM'ed came to, that something stank.

    I will note that the location was a suburban home, nothing on linkedin/google for the people that I was in contact with, the interview process was inconsistent, and there is an affliate of the firm which in a different country has a different name but uses copy/paste text from the original while not referencing it. And lastly, the firm's twitter feed says they do loans/financings.

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like one...
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    I also received a similar offer, it seems strange one would need to pay $250 upfront for a chance to work with a firm.

    Any other thoughts?
  10. Hi my boyfriend received an offer to trade at the same firm for 3 months as a preliminary trader, a fee of 250 dollars also payable. He still wants to do despite my concerns, I just wanted to know if anyone here actually went ahead and started trading for Fidelity?
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