Any info about Dubai Professional Trading Group?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ericadam, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. ericadam


    Any info about Dubai Professional Trading Group?

    Checked out the website. Looks like the trainee program runs $5,000 USD and then if they feel you are qualified after, they will back you apparently as a trader there.

    Any thoughts, experiences?
  2. LOL What? If you're qualified?

    So what if you're not? They ask you for another $5,000?
  3. mucrone


    I talked with them over the phone a couple of days ago.
    I did not ask for training, and they did not offer since I am quite experienced and have my own methodology.

    They asked for a minimum of 30k and said they can leverage 4x, they only do futures and options on futures.

    They charge a desk fee, if you go there, of 2500$.

    If anyone has more info I really appreciate them.

  4. Do you really need a prop firm to trade futures if you aren't going to use their training? How much leverage do you need?

  5. If you trade SIZE, you can go there and have LESS in an account than here in the US (with 4X leverage) and AVOID transaction taxes (if passed by congress and signed by obama)! :)

    I see MANY reasons where this could be a great gig if needed in our current TAX EVERYTHING trend! :eek: