Any indicators that do not wiggle?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by steve.larson, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. I'm looking for a charting software that has indicators that do not do any wiggling. Meaning that on the indicator the fast line doesn't wiggle around the slow one.

    I already have tried Medved's QuoteTracker, QChart's LiveCharts, SiliconInvestor's IQCharts, ProphetStation's Java Chartstream. However, their indicators seem to wiggle a lot.

    Here is the problem: Wiggling becomes an issue because it can make the indicator somewhat deceptive. Acting upon the wiggle, I'm more inclined to pull the trigger prematurely. In other words, I'm more apt to enter a trade by mistake because -- on a stochastic indicator, for example, -- for up to 59 seconds it may look like the (fast) %K line has already crossed the (slow) %D line. When in fact it hasn't. The problem is that if the very last segment of the indicator is visible to me before the last (1-minute) time period is up, I'm more inclined to pull the trigger prematurely. Is it possible to buy or rent just a plain charting software without this wiggling? Anyone know?

    Alternatively, anyone use Prophet's ChartStream? In real time? On the ChatSream, does the indicator wiggle when market data is real-time? Anyone know? I used to be a subscriber, but that was many weeks ago. Anyone know? Thanks in advance.