any Index futures traders using Tradestation?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by topten, Jun 26, 2003.

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    Me.....what did you want to know?
  3. i am today, but not sure about the future... their support situation is getting progressively worse. i've been on hold for 30 mins now, and a question i asked in the support forum has been sitting unanswered for two and a half business days now. this sucks.

    would somebody PLEASE rip off this product and sell it for a more terrestrial price. (and support it in a proactive and timely manner).
  4. I am.
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    Although I may not after this year as they seem to want to drop the almost non existent tech support that they try to get by on now.
    If you are interested in tradestation go to their web site and register so you can read the endless requests for help.
    Also read the TS2000i section to see how they treat customers that have been with them for many years, spent thousands and thousands of dollars on their software and are being ignored in pleas for help to keep their TradeStation working.
    I wish I could have read those posts before I put many thousands of dollars into TS and easylanguage studies and third party add on software.

  6. I hear you Chuck. Do they know what it feels like to press a telephone to your ear for 40 minutes, only to finally give up empty handed and 40 minutes older? This product costs $.30 an hour. What are you thinking in terms of another solution? I'm leaning towards wealth-lab..
  7. Also, TS is having data problems almost every single day. I'm getting scared to run TS in the mornings because every day is bringing a different problem. For instance, this morning no historical data is coming for @NQ.D. Couple days ago, the feed had a meltdown for almost half an hour. I invested so much money in TS starting with TS4 and learning the Easy Language.
    They are still having random delays with the data.

    I might just give up and move to a different platform.

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    I did trade with Omega years ago.

    Now researching... I already have code for my methodology.

    Just looking for reliability and usability.
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    I do not have a replacement in mind yet. I hope that somehow we will be able to keep TS2000i working.
    TS2000i works great for me. Very stable, and with DTN satellite for data it is the best combination I know of. I use Jtrader to place orders over a poor quality local phone line (28k).

    If the internet dies I still have quotes on DTN and can can close a position with a cell phone. If DTN would go out (damn near never)
    I still have quotes on Jtrader to track and close a position.

    The only time I have a problem is when DTN changes their feed to add something like SP futures volume and TS will not issue a patch to let the data work. It is not that the "new" data will not work but nothing will work. I purchased DTN because TS advertised and said TS2000i worked with it. TS seems to be using this as pressure to downgrade me to their new TS7 and brokerage service.

    A broker - client relationship will not work without me trusting my broker and I no longer trust TS. Now TS will not even reply to an e-mail and I can not imagine trying to contact them if I would have a fill problem. It seems you are to post to a site where other dissatisfied users might post some help for you.

    vanilla2 I will post in the future when I find a replacement that I will use for TS.