Any independent traders out there want to live abroad with me?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by BillySimas, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Ever since I've had all this independence with being able to trade from anywhere, I've always wanted to take a few months and just move fron country to country, say 1 per month, and sublet an apartment and trade there. Would anyone like to do this with me? All of my friends have regular jobs so its hard to find someone that wants to do this, so I figured I'd post here. If you're interested in going to live somewhere for a month or more, let me know. Ideally I'd like to go somewhere in South America or Asia. Thailand has a low cost of living.
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  3. Would love to do it but I'm still in school! I'll contact you in a few years
  4. I'm thinking of doing this in 2013, I'll let you know.

  5. j/k but it does sound like a cool idea, hopefully someone with few responsibilities takes you up on the offer.

  6. Do I have to use my own money? :D
  7. I traded from the Hamptons, Budapest and Prague a month at a time. It's been great aside some minor glitches.

    Once I had to call IB to liquidate my futures positions because I lost the internet connection.

    Amsterdam is next. It will probably be an exchange deal for my NY apartment, but I'd rather share the pad with my girlfriend.


  8. how was prague?

  9. I love your idea.

    and why don't you come with me


    its fuken beautiful man,

    we can get a hotel on Island HVAR and others where Bill Gates Has several properties. etc

    your idea about going to suky south or Asia

    isn't that good IMO
  10. oh and if you are gay, all bets are off

    not that I have a problem, but how are we gonna go clubing if you are going to separate club .....right :confused:
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