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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Yuguru, May 6, 2010.

  1. Yuguru


    Been trading sucessfully on my own for 15+ years. But I have never had enough success to retire and walk away.

    This is what i am looking for:

    I want to continue to trade equities and futures, while building a book of business or a fund that would mirror my trading style.

    I have had several close friends and family basically beg me to invest and trade there money, but since I dont have a series 7 and this is loaded with conflicts I have declined. Well, times are changing, I need a more consistent income, now married and kids and want the long term benefits of the network of investors.

    Anyone have an idea. I would even be willing to invest/start a branch if the set up is right.

    thanks in advance


    I'm approaching 15 years of trading. I had a number of people over the years ask if I'd take some of their $$$ to trade/invest. I declined a few times. They persisted. Ultimately I took some $$$ of theirs and have been trading it the past 2+ years.

    I don't have a Series 7 or anything else - just an ex-engineer who wanted to trade. I also take no money from those whose money I handle. I'm happy to make them some money as they're good friends. Money isn't everything in life. I can make enough trading my own such that I don't want (or need) to take any of the profits I generate for the others.

  3. you can try out becoming a CTA and trade a pool of funds in the futures markets.

    Here is the book from the CME about becoming a CTA