Any idea why diesel is 4.00 while preminum is at 3.59???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jucesar2005, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. Any idea why diesel is 4.00 while premium gas is at 3.59???

    As far as I remember the difference was never so big.
  2. Same reason why gasoline can go under the price of crude.
  3. Most refineries tweaked their processes over a year ago to squeeze as much gasoline out of a barrel of oil as possible. This obviously creates a tad bit less of distillates. Although a small part of each barrel, the effect over the long haul is being felt now.

    Also, now that at least 10% of your gasoline is fucking ethanol, the gasoline stocks are at 15 year highs. Refineries are running at a mere 83% due to this problem.

    This country is in such bad shape, just think financial chaos theory. I blame Dick for all the ills, Dickhead Cheney that is.
  4. It is still heating oil season and there is strong worldwide demand for diesel fuel. Europe has surplus gasoline to ship to the USA, but no surplus diesel fuel.
  5. Actually, the US gets a lot of diesel from Europe. European refineries produce more diesel then US refineries per barrel of crude (and less gas as a result)