any idea how/where to get deal on bloomberg terminal

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  1. Does anyone know how to get Bloomberg Anywhere, or a terminal under the $1800.. is it possible to piggyback on a current customer?

  2. call them directly and ask for a free trial. the price they give you is the price they give you. there is no negotiating. it runs around $1900 per month w/ a 2 year contract payable quarterly.

    do NOT try to piggyback on a current bbg user. you will be sued into oblivion. others have brought up this idea here on ET and everyone correctly and immediately shot it down for being stupid and illegal. it specifically states in the user agreement you can't do this. besides they built security into the system to prevent people from doing this (thumbprint).
  3. just do like everyone does, share 1 with a couple of guys
  4. Make sure you get one with a 25 Watt speaker and a floor squawk box. That way you can be certain of being completely confused for $2,000 a month.:p
  5. BBG is tight on licensing, and uninterested in the lower end of the market. Cheaper alternatives are discussed in several threads.
  6. thanks for the info... was sure if you could use the "bloomberg anywhere" by piggyback, guess not.... tried to do the free trial was told they no longer offer it
  7. bbg anywhere REQUIRES the portable thumbprint device to prevent people from piggybacking. mike bloomberg has thought of everything.
  8. They essentially offer two models -- for one subscription price, either: one person at multiple computers, or multiple persons at one computer. What they <i>don't</i> offer, obviously, is multiple persons at multiple computers... The model seems fair-minded to me. And again, they aren't interested in the low end of the market.
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    Mobile app locks you out of the desktop, and vice versa. Can't use both simultaneously.
  10. Right, they created Traveler as a value-add convenience for users who want to log in at home after hours -- not as a "2 for the price of 1" special.
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