Any ICE - NYBOT Softs traders around?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Bear Plunger, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. What are the fills like? Fast? What do you use for intra-day charting....the NYBOT feeds or the ICE feeds?

    Is it possible to use the NYBOT intraday charting and execute on ICE?
  2. You can get real good fills through ICE for softs. I ventured out and did some sugar trading the other day for problems at all. nothing like the last time i traded sugar six years ago and waited four hours for my fill on a freakin' market order.
  3. What are the bid/ask spreads like on ICE? IB still doesn't have them and the spreads on the NYMEX softs are horrible.
  4. I don't watch them much so i don't know about all the time. I have an ICE GW on my X_TRADER Bids were tight when I went in the other day and execution was flawless.

    I'm gonna look more at it this week. I'm trying to work up a sugar, corn, ethanol spread and will let you know what it looks like this week. I'm doing the math this weekend to see if it worth the trouble. I want to spread this hybrid fuel with RBOB on ICE using Autospreader from TT.
  5. Do you ever look at the oil contract on ICE? I trade the NYMEX oil contract (CL) but I'm curious about ICE - lower commissions I think.