Any IB Webtrader users out there?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by hajimow, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. hajimow


    I am using IB Webtrader as I am behind firewall at work and I can not use trader workstation on regular hours. Recently IB has introduced a new java based version of Webtrader that lacks the following features. They lacking features are:
    1- No day High and Low price for stocks and options
    2- No open price for stocks
    3- Chart is 20 o 15 minutes delayed. We need real time chart

    Please go to the featured poll section of IB website and vote for my requested features. Seach under "hajimow"as the contributer.

    My other suggestion that I am sure everyone would love to have is this: please also vote for it if you like this feature to be added.
    I believe if you could add a feature so we could see our account balance in a chart , it would be helpful. It will show that how the account balanced was changed during the day or month or any selected period of time. Even only daily chart would be helpful. The other feature that would be helpful would be a ranking number that shows how ones account performed compared to the other people's account in IB in terms of monthly gain or loss.

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    A serious oversight that they omitted the High and low not just on stocks, but on futures as well.

    It needs to be put back ASAP as there is nothing gained without.

    Please IB, include the High and low of the instrument in Webtrader 2 as it is in the current iteration of Webtrader. That information would appear when one was about to place an order.