Any IB managers/supervisors here?

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  1. I am trying to close my account. IB sent the security login device to my old address after I moved (I never knew they were sending it until I couldn't log in). Of course that device was lost as it was delivered to the wrong address. I then got the run around from C/S until IB Salvatore here helped me get a new one. All was fine.

    I now wish to close my account. As required, I closed open positions and sent the one security device I did receive back to them in CT. They promptly removed it from my account.

    However, they STILL THINK I HAVE THE FIRST ONE. I have called and chatted with C/S twice, talked to several people, PM'd IB Salvatore here and even called him directly and I CAN"T GET ANYWHERE!

    WTF do I do to close this stupid account????? They have a $40 hold on my account in order to return a device I NEVER RECEIVED!

    Please someone PM me here from IB that can ACTUALLY HELP ME!

    Thank you!
  2. Stosh


    You didn't mention whether you had informed them of your address change before they mailed it to your old address. If you hadn't notified them, then you owe the $40. If you did timely notify them, then it is their mistake and I can understand your ire. Stosh
  3. Good morning IB,

    I believe your average price is not working correct. It works okay when I place one order but when I pick up a second future the cost average is off. In my case it is about 10 cents (not a big deal) but could make the difference for those whose trade is much tighter.

    I am taking about the futures.