Any hope vs HFT ? Maybe

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  1. The bloodsucking vampires are being looked at.


    SEC's Schapiro: regulators looking closely at high frequency trading; waiting upon a report from an advisory panel - TV interview
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    Tsing Tao

  3. hahah
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    HFT are fucking up this market, of course will have to wait years before they get grilled on capitol hill, until then they will continue to reap billions of dollars risk free.

    How long can these hft create phantom volume and flash phony trades, hopefully we find out sooner than later.
  5. Glad there are those who recognize whats going down.

    Last time I posted about this subject I got shot down!
  6. been talking about this for YEARS now.

    where ya been
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    Phantom volume, stuffed quotes... Yeah, HFT's are "healthy" as liquidity providers. Lol!!!!!!!!!!! Not!

    Something has to give with the HFT's. Hopefully not years from now though.:(
  8. Where have I been? Here, sending letters to the SEC. How about you?
  9. Really the bottom line is this.

    When you have an entity that is privileged to order flow, and is not obligated to support the market, you have a bonafied 100% leech who does nothing to make a market when needed, risks little when there is trouble, and is not obligated to do shit (did i mention that already?) , THATS A BAD THING FOR EVERYONE, including the blood sucker, in the long run.
  10. Great example of phantom health in these stocks.

    Eqix after market. NOTHING! PLUMMETS 15 dollars on NOTHING.
    Then another 10 on something.
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