Any HFT specialists here?

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  1. After a period of stagnation, why does a stock suddenly show a constantly changing bid of 600 shares 700 shares and back to 600 shares several times a second on the bid side?

    The bot is trying to test the market, but for what purpose?
  2. rosy2


    maybe the guy who wrote it is just testing it or testing a function within it.
  3. Oh I see. So just before the stock takes off/nose dives too fast to humanly manipulator and/or trade, the manipulator turns on the HFT and tests it out to make sure that it's working...
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    If you look at a random cloud, you will probably see a face or an animal or ....
  5. We all know that sylphs create those figurines b/c they know you're looking at them right? :D
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    The point is that your mind will find pattern where there is none.
  7. That's what the financial media and the stock gurus and the trading books and the stock manipulators want you to believe. ;)
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    Are you unquestionably sure?
  9. ignore any questions from a man who called the top 40 points ago.
  10. No, but there are many people who pretend to be.
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