Any Hawaii traders?

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  1. I'm moving back to the islands soon and would be very interested to hear from traders there. Please post who you trade with, software, connection you use, etc....I'm pretty sure there are no prop branches in the islands, but I've heard of some traders doing remote trading with Echo.


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    Been trading from home on Kauai for the last 3 1/2 years. Funny, you're moving here because we're moving back to the mainland. It's hard getting up at 3 a.m. to trade day after day. I've been trading everything - stocks, options, futures, etc, etc. Just need a DSL or cable hookup, a good pc, and a few brokerage accounts. Interactive Brokers are the cheapest, but you can read all about the others on this site. Good luck.
  3. Hapaboy, I have account with IB and use Road Runner. Welcome back to the islands. :)
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    Howzit cuz--

    Roadrunner / IB., Oahu. I'm usually up around 2:30- 3:00 am. Yes it's a drag but by the same token, I'll be in the water by 10:45. A big south swell should be coming in toward the end of the week so you better hurry. :)

    I've often entertained the idea of sharing a small office with a few traders here. But one has to be very committed.

    And no, there are no prop. shops here. I've looked into it extensively and nobody here even knows the term.
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    I'm an early riser, but a 3am start?

    I'm on the east coast, and have thought about moving to the west for a 6am start.

    Been to Hawaii a few times and as long as you don't have to deal with Oahu traffic, it's a great place. Would be nice, but 3am? sheesh! Do you guys have families? How do you handle those kinds of schedules? Bed at 8 or 9pm?
  6. T'anks fo da feedback!

    Sounds like everyone is using IB and Roadrunner. Since you folks are using IB, what are you using for your charts/screeners/etc? What are your total monthly costs for Roadrunner and software?

    Mahalos Hana Hou!:)

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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    cant beat trading from hawaii... wake up at 4am done by 11, go surfing and chill rest of day. I surf northshore everyday after trading, and sometimes i skip trading if theres a good swell in the am.

    i have roadrunner and dsl and dialup connection, i may even get satelite. remember your on an island anything could happen.

    I use IB for broker, but i may add point direx and tradestation.

    For charting software, i use Ensign with Esignal. But i've used lots of charting packages before while trying and testing different methods... once I found a good method for trading, everything sort of fell into place.

    Favorite surf spots are: vland, whitehouse, ranches, and yokohama bay.
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    Welcome to Paradise!

    There are some benefits and limits trading in Hawaii.

    u can have two jobs in Hawaii-- day trading in the morning, and regular job/school in the daytime

    You can even trade in night (9p.m.)in the instinet if u have account with IB. but bid and ask price spread is high.


    It costs a lot when you wake up late--especially if u have a overnite positions and market goes against your position

    it is cool to trade early in the early morning when most islanders are sleeping but chances are high to hit the wrong key when u r half sleep and half awake!

    day trading educations/seminars are almost nil

    to my knowledge, there r no day traders club for information exchange, etc

    newspapers like wallstreet journal and IBD arrive late

    Execution Speed:

    Executions speed is same whether u r in island or mainland
    With IB, it executes within seconds. Some brokers who gurantee to give your commission back if an order is not executed within 60 seconds, but from my experience , it usually takes about 5-10 seconds and sometimes minutes for limit orders to get filled--guess who! I'm not sure if it is locational disadvantage or other things.

    If you have account with brokers that uses real tick trading software, trade execution is great.

    Business news:
    If u subscribe oceanic cable's digital services, u can access

    CBSMarket WorldWatch

    If u need additional info, feel free to post
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    Getting a little old for shortboards but I will never sellout and start riding tanks.

    Favorite town spots:
    Big Rights / Concessions
    Pops (only when big)

    Country spots:
    Log cabins

    Nothing like having a good trading day and surfing killer waves then eating a massive plate lunch from Rainbows then getting some lovin on and sleeping afterwards. Life does not get any better than that, brah!
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