any guy tried SSF

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by ADX_trader, Nov 8, 2002.

  1. Any guy tried SSF? Liquidity ok? Slippage ok?
  2. Pretty good arb opps so far on a lot of them.
  3. jtraders


    Arb? You can't even get a fill.
  4. Haven't tried -- but that does suck.
  5. anyone know how the symbols work??

    i.e. if i wanted to trade a citigroup Nov SSF, what do i type??
  6. jtraders


    If you're using IB just type in the symbol, select Future, select the month and year and then select NQLX or One Chicago as your route.
  7. Bryan Roberts

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  8. word...thx

    C1C or C 1C doesn't seem to work with esignal, tho...

    any other ideas??
  9. I havent tried yet either, but i would lik eto hear the results from somebody that did. Maybe Tuesday of next week i will try. Let me know how it goes should anybody take the plundge.
  10. u130747


    I think e signal said they would not have SSF til later in Nov or DEC!!!

    #10     Nov 8, 2002