Any grey hair daytrader out there?

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  1. Has anybody out there been making money from trading stocks for some years? Is there any team of well seasoned traders willing to train an intermediate daytrader?
  2. getting there, thank you.
  3. There are definately some good firms out there that can provide you with some excellent training. PM me for more info. Just don't pay for a course. Look for a place that will provide you with hands on training, and constant follow up.
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    keep recruiting! I guess it's free here.
  5. You seem to be scared of me for some reason. You shadow me, blast me, but then don't want to back up your claims. you call me a piker, but yet, I make money everyday. You say I got fired, but I got the U-5 and resignation letter to prover otherwise. You seem to work at Lynx, which I've said nothing but good things on this board about, as well as in PM to other traders. In fact, whenever asked about an office in SD, I always recommend them. So what gives? Why don't you at least tell me who you are via the message board or PM, so I can figure out why you have a problem with me. I don't think I ever did anything bad to you personally.
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    I call it the way I see it. I've worked for worldco, lion's trading group, and yes, now lynx. But, this isn't about lynx. I have no vested interest in promoting anybody. I trade, I make money, I go about my business. This is about the fact that I was at lynx when you were there. I stayed quiet, but I definitely listened and observed. I saw the way you treated the people around you like crap. I saw how the growth of your head outpaced the growth of the rest of your body. I saw how you trained people by coming in at 9:15 everyday. I guess Fridays weren't important, since you were in maybe 2 Fridays per month. And yes. I saw how you were thrown out due to some misdeeds. Show your U-5 to whomever you want. Everybody who started before the eviction knows what the real deal is.

    So now, I think it's pretty comical watching you come onto this site, being "helpful". At least be honest. You are here for 2 reasons. 1. no friends 2. recruitment
  7. That's why several of my trainees are now trainers at the firm. They became trainers as soon as I left, so if I did a bad job, they would not be ready to become trainers. But somehow they did. Or you're telling us that, the trainers aren't fit to train. Second, my traders loved me, but of course you couldn't even get one of them to back up your claims. My misdeed was getting a better offer from a different firm. And if I was thrown out, why did they continue to negotiate with me and my partner after we left? I guess you didn't stay late, cause I was there as long as my trainees needed me to be there. As for the mornings, I didn't want to interfere with their research, and overwhelm them with information prior to the open. The day is hard enough to tire them out before the market opens. The other traders I trained are quite productive for the firm and themselves from what I heard. But you still won't tell us or just me who you are, so there is something behind your posts.

  8. Daydream, sorry that this forum turned ugly, but I have to defend myself constantly to traderxp. Unfortunately, I think traderxp believes that you are me trying to advertise.
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    You keep telling yourself something long enough, I guess, eventually, even you start to believe it. Sad but true.

    I'll let the inquiring minds on this site decipher the truth.

    (I'll give you a hint: initials -- R.G.)
  10. Sorry, one more thing, but it's funny how my old trainees are reading this board, and then contacting me, to tell me how f'up your posts are. They're also guessing who you are, and if you're not him, you're messing up his reputation in the firm. And they all pretty much guess the same person. And if you are him, good luck this month.
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