Any government online tax filing tools out there?

Discussion in 'Taxes and Accounting' started by Here4money, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. Here4money


    IRS only links me to corp. sites. None of the tools allow filing through the IRS directly without a bloodsucking middle man.

    Is my only option snail mail if I want to deal w/the IRS directly?
  2. destriero


    How complex is your Schedule D? You can't be looking into doing your taxes on the 14th? Rly?
  3. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    Turbo tax for $$79.99 is a "bloodsucking middle man?"
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  4. interdim


    All I can say is a few years ago I started having a professional take care of my taxes and it is no longer something I have to struggle with. It is such a relief, I highly recommend it.
  5. vanzandt


    $20. You can have this immediately and you'll be done in an hour. Even if you have rental properties, a small business, etc...
    It will upload every trade you made last year from your broker and fill out the forms (wash sale bs too). Turbotax is the greatest thing ever.
    You don't even need an ebay account, just go on as a guest and buy it.
    Best $20 you'll ever spend I promise.
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  6. destriero


    TurboTax is more than capable enough for 90% of the people here.
  7. toon


    I use TurboTax every year. Just e-filed 2018 federal and state taxes yesterday using TT Premier Edition. Both accepted already.
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  8. fan27


    I use TaxAct though I plan on outsourcing tax prep next year. Tired of dealing with it as each year there is always some special tax situation that bogs down preparation effort.
  9. sfwind


    IRS has free fillable forms that will do the basic math. Since I use mark to market accounting, this is the only option.
  10. Here4money


    filing extension :p
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