Any good trades today?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by phenforum, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. I'm curious how you are trading in a choppy
    market like today's market.

    I don't have a set of rules developed to
    let me trade in this environment.
    So far I've only gotten in on breakouts
    or breakdowns on the hourly charts.
    The rest of the time (in choppy markets
    on hourly charts) I've learned that with
    my current knowledge, I'll get killed.

  2. 150 pip for me:p
  3. What currencies did you make 150 off of?

    What charts do you use?
  4. Time for Z C to rest zzzzzzzz
    I dont use chart's, i trade on a formula i have developped with my stuff (300 eng) on a multidimensional cubes that treats data that i chose!!!!business intelligence and datamarts at my service... :D
  5. multidimensional cube?

    What cube isn't multidimensional?

    Man, we've got some pretty eccentric people
    on here, don't you think everyone?
  6. Phen, don't even entertain this lunatic. His answers should be proof enough of madness.
  7. Agreed. Thanks Ivan.
  8. Suddenly Z CoMaNdAtOrE wakes up....
    he's mad a night mare...he checks his screen!!!!!!!
    +50pip more...he collects them and adds them to his 150 of the day...its 3am...buoana notch"eZC
  9. That's interesting, since nothing moved 50 pips since the last time you posted.
  10. as if the markets are perfectly sane, eh, Z IvAnOvIcH?

    or as if they can be beat by a "sane" trading system....

    *rolling eyes*
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