Any good traders out there looking to start a prop firm?

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  1. Hello,
    I am a seasoned software engineer in the financial industry located in Chicago. For years I have been developing software for companies to provide advantage to it's traders or clients. The one consistency in my entire career experience is that these prop shops come from very humble origins. Each has it's own story of a difficult beginning and rise to power.

    During my years of reflection , I would have thoughts like: "If I knew some good traders, maybe I could team up with them and start a company". Well after all these years, I have found the skills, I have learned alot about the financial industry, and have established some decent relationships to help along the way.

    I have come to a crossroads in my life where I can no longer work for companies to make them wealthy. The time has come for me to start down a new path, where I can enjoy working in the industry that I love, working with my friends, to create a better lifestyle for all of us. A profitable lifestyle. I understand the risks, but feel compelled to pursue this dream.

    So I invite all traders in Chicago looking to team up with a developer to respond to this posting. If you share the same vision, if you are willing to work hard, and trust that someone will work hard with you, let's have a discussion. A simple conversation to see if such things can be made possible. My thought is, if everyone else can do it, why not us?

    Do you have a great idea that needs to be implemented, but you were uncertain how? Do you know a group of good traders, that are looking for a great opportunity to try it on their own? If so, just send me an email, and who knows where it might lead?

    Thanks For Listening
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    I am wanting to start something up here in Calgary Alberta Canada. The idea being to open up all markets to traders, help them develop their own trading ideas/methods train them in proper position sizing, pshychology, etc. Trade investors money that are looking for a return of 30% ish.

    My background is in Forex, so naturally I am leaning toward a prop firm for forex, I also worked as a prop trader for Swifttrade on stocks and have personally traded futures and futures options as well. I think a trading arena type place where you can trade any instrument on low risk ideas is a great plan.

    Anyway, not sure if we could actually work together on this or not since you're down there and I'm up here but let's network and maybe swap ideas etc.


  3. Here's an idea....Get a clue.....Programmers have no idea what it takes to run a firm and no idea what it costs......No offense but T-1 lines to every ecn. MM and exchange is a 25k per month nut .......Service bureuas may work for a little less but then you lose speed.
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    What do I owe you for your advice?
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    OP sorry but you don't know how to trade

    if you did you would be happy scaling up your own money
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    So, OP, do you actually trade profitably or do you come up with profitable trading strategies?

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    Why not help others along the way and or work together so we all become more profitable? Assign capital to profitable traders, they make more money over what they can make with their own capital. It takes a while if you start with 100k to get into the 10 millions on your own. What if you were profitable with 100k, with some slight adjusting you would be making even better returns if you have 10 mill. kapeesh?
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    me: both.
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    Why are we giving this guy such a hard time? I mean everyone has dreams. I mean whats the point in all of this if we didn't. Let him try.
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