Any good small chat rooms out there?

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  1. Years ago I used to chat on ET occasionally. I've been bored with my trading the past few years. Any good small chat rooms with solid traders in it? Not looking for trading advice etc.But don't want a room full of newbies or snake oil sorts of people. Feel free to PM me with details etc if needed. Thanks.
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    there is one, only smaller then toilet,if you don`t mind...
  3. when I was trading ES, I stumbled upon a little chat room. It was public, anybody could chime in, but mostly it was about 5 traders, I was the only one trading ES all the others traded NQ, one guy was really good with moving averages and posted a lot of his charts.

    It was very helpful for me to see the way others traded, and when times were slow we talked, mostly about expenses.

    But it was just something you found by google, nothing official, no sponser, no fee

    I think some gregarious guy just set it up with free generic stuff

    back when we thought the internet was cool

    so what I'm saying is, you could start one
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    theres some on skype
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    Hi, I was just google searching looking for any real trade rooms, I too was getting bored and went back into one of the trade rooms I paid for in 2008 and realized its not really a trade room but just newbies and a salesmen. I was wondering if you found anything. I do 100 percent technical. I cant sit in these rooms that watch cnbc and type in everything they hear. So I was just looking for some real traders.
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    I am looking for the same thing as well. If anyone knows one please let me know. I trade equities.
  7. LOL - and you think you this place is any different?
  8. Someone start one in Skype. I'm interested as long as it's not a salesperson that runs it.

    I'm a futures trader. I trade some currency also.

    Email or PM me if interested.
  9. years ago, I found one on yahoo. They were all nq traders, I was the only one trading es. Most of us were 1 to 3 tick scalpers

    free site, just some traders that would sign on in the morning, and announce when they got fillled

    no egos involved

    very little bullshit
    mostly just

    "my limit got hit, I'm 976 in line 3 ticks up."
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    Interactive Brokers is the only chatroom I have found worth using. Traderslaboratory's chat was pretty good at one time but then it died out like most do.

    When I was at IB, I utilized the chatroom daily. I learned a lot from several traders and when they started their own chatroom I was fortunate to have been invited. I went bust and then lost contact with them. Stupid of me to lose such valuable contacts.
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