any good RISK MANAGEMENT softwhere out there or intregrated within a trading platform

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  1. here is what i would like:

    * Auto stops on all trades.....IB kinda has this feature but its really not auto, you do have to manually enter the 'auto' stop.

    * Max position size restriction.

    * Restriction against averaging down.

    * Automatic liquidation of positions and account locked for the day/week/month once a certain loss level gets hit for the day/week/month.

    I think ninjatrader advertises risk management with their platform.......can anyone comment on it..........i also recall buttontrader having such features.........again, does anyone have any experience with it?
  2. here is what i found on the button trader platform:

    before i create another thread about button trader, i'd like to know how these loss limits work if anyone has any experience with it, thanks.
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    Paper trading has all of these and they work every time. Plus many many vendors to chose from.
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    It has this thingy called a machine gun. Basically the limit is adjusted until filled. I've used BT for about 3 yrs and never seen the thing go off; heaven forbid should it.
  5. a guy from Button Trader was nice enough to PM me........told me to take a look at the risk management section of the button trader reference guide:

    take a look at section 5.5 on page 167

    Button trader has tons of risk management options you can set loss limits for individual securities, for entire products like futures and equities (separate settings), position size limits, individual position loss limits, daily loss limits, and an option to auto-liquidate positions if loss limits get triggered and prevent new positions (added risk) to be taken.

    since Risk Management is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of successful trading...............and since button trader is the ONLY software that offers these features for traders it is the ONLY vendor that actually cares about the profitability and survival of the traders that use the software........i'd probably be a million dollars richer had i started off with button trader.

    i hope you guys support BT and I hope BT further develops the risk management functionality since it really is the key to low stress, consistent trading.

    IB + Button Trader + QuoteTracker is an unbeatable combo.