Any good review of datafeed?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Tcl, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. Tcl


    I can't find a complete or good reviews of barchart data feed

    They cost almost the same as IQFeed
    They offer an API Java and C#, but I cant get an answer from them if the subscription that provide API access can also be used with say Sierrachart ... or the other way around if the subscription via Sierrachart will grant me access to the API

    If you are confused about what I am saying, to subscribe to Barchart data feed you use a form that is usually linked to another company

    this is the sierrachart barchart subscription form

    this is the Modulus FE link
  2. Eight


    Barchart data via Sierracharts with CME agreement is under $70/month and it's worked fine for the year that I've used it.
  3. Tcl


    So I finally got an answer from Barchart
    The time they took to reply to my email was in my opinion way too long, which is not a good sign

    Now if I subscribe from this link (the dev link)
    I will get access to the API
    But if I subscribe from the Sierrachart link I will only get access from Sierrachart

    The wording they used is still a bit vague in my opinion, because it implies that the subscription from the dev link will also work in Sierrchart but doesnt confirm it 100%

    Anyway, anyone knows how it compare to IQFeed?