Any good Prop. Futures firms to work for?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by akim119, May 7, 2003.

  1. akim119


    Was wondering if anyone knows of any good prop. Futures firms to work for in the NYC area. I am currently an equities prop. trader and I've been hearing so much about how futures are better to trade. Would appreicate any feedback, thanks!
  2. given the faster nature of the entire leverage process, its not likely that this will take on the size and scope of the Equity leveraged business..

    there are some firms doing this, however, there no shortage of talent for those seats at those desks, so that going large might not be in the business model...

    so far, the Equity model has burned through so many accounts/traders that the risk/rewards has returned enough on the investment that the money backing these efforts remains in the Equity markets...
  3. kobyco


    I think Carlin and Echotrade offer futures.
  4. i don't know much about this firm, but i think its what you're looking for:

    let us know how it goes.

    Happy Trading.

    Also..if you're looking for a remote type ..send me a PM. I may have an idea for you.

  5. what happens to your buypower?

    does the trade or the margin for the futures get segregated, leveraged or seperated from your equity haircut?

    do you run the risk of going below the minimum equity balance when having futures trades on? in the equity account?

    say you have $25,000 at 10:1
    say you have to stay above $5,000 minimum in equity account
    say you take on so many futures contracts that the margin requirement is $21,000 to initiate, and less to maintain, and returns to initial for overnights

    are you allowed to continue equity trading, given that your buypower is reduced to $4,000 nominally?
  6. The best company that you can work for is ... akim119 incorporated!
  7. haha ROFL

    No man ... akim119 is the person who started this thread. All I was saying is that he/she should work for himself. The best prop futures firm to work for is yourself.