Any good prop firms in LA?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by JeffUSA, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. JeffUSA


    I know most of the action is in New York and Chicago but I am wondering if there are any good prop firms in LA?
  2. here are a few (just mentioning names) not rating them.

    CY Group is out of LA (everyone is remote)

    Chimera Securities has an office in LA

    WTS just opened offices in Newport Beach

    Assent has an Office near Santa Monica
  3. I am beginning to give up on my quest to find a prop firm with a strong training/ mentoring background that doesnt just recruit quants fresh out of Uni......does this model even exist?

    I have traded successfully (swing/momentum) for 2 years at a wall st prop desk, but i had some personal and health issues which drained funds and i am now starting over.

    i am willing to sacrifice payout right now for capital contribution.

    I am looking at First NY Securities...

    any advice would be much appreciated!

    thanks so much!
  4. JeffUSA


    Does anybody on here trade in LA?
  5. Mu$hin


    I recently heard of a firm called Paramount equity partners that has an office in cali. Try

    I am also looking for the same type of firm that offers mentoring from a good trader w/ a consistent method.