Any good place left in the USA?

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  1. Hard to find info about this subject online but I know Detroit and Atlanta are the #1 and #2 worst.

    Is there any part of the country that has weathered the economic downturn better than the rest of the country?

    If so what is it?Would like to hear some locations that have low unemployment and still a relatively decent economy.
  2. Definitely Charlotte NC.
    Most banks are headquarter there. It will soon be America's Paradise.
  3. The Baltimore/Washington area is *relatively* unharmed cuz it's so close to the center of gubment. Even with cuts in defense spending, it's still a hub of contracting activity.

    While the real estate market has really been pounded in other areas of the country, this area didn't fare as badly. i.e. still got pounded but not as much.
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    If you can stand the accents, the WSJ had an article this morning that showed Boston's unemployment at a shade above 5%. . .
  5. Here in Houston, we still have low unemployment (for the moment anyway), and a very low cost of living. Hurricane Ike has and continues to provide jobs related to all the repairs. As long as oil markets don't stay down for too long, the unemployment rate will stay below the rest of the country.
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    Charlotte's housing mkt actually grew last year.
  7. Asheville, North Carolina.

    Diverse culture and education, lots of good restaurants, close to world class medical facilities and educational institutions, and nice weather and relatively low taxes.
  8. thanks for the replies.

    I was thinking NC and TX, Dallas/FW though and not Houston.
  9. Austin is holding up very well imo as the housing is still getting the "Californians run for your life affect" far we have a low foreclosure rate and the rest of the economy is holding on. :)
  10. I live in downtown Chicago & work at CBOT. It's a terrific city!

    The economy is surprisingly diversified & people are generally nice & normal (compared to Miami where I lived - people there are NOT normal!) :)

    Downsides are city / state taxes if you're a w4 Employee.

    For derivatives trading I think we're better than NYC or even London.

    For what it's worth, I'd check out Chicago land.

    Best wishes!

    P.S., I also lived in downtown Miami, South Beach & grew up on Long Island. So that's my perspective. good luck!
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