Any good Penny stock ideas???

Discussion in 'Trading' started by gimp570, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. gimp570


    Any one have any good ideas of some penny stocks that are starting to look good on a chart? I think some of these cheap Gold stocks are looking great.. DROOY, PMU, BGO ect any other cheap stocks that anyone like?
  2. You can add cbj,cde,nxg and wht. In 1996 When silver was $7 an once ,cde was a $26 stock,and its on the big board .To much info to go into detail.Good luck.
  3. The afore mentioned stocks are all producers of gold to varying degree.All produce at least 250,000 ounces of gold annually,except cde,which produces 14million plus ouces of silver.Keep in mind the fed has already revealed there hand.What the hell,another trillion in debt buy the end of next year.I think its highly unlikely that the dollar will be worth more,or the same as it is now for that matter.Although commodities are very cyclical so its not a buy and hold .You would have to re-evaluate at the end of next year.If the fed continues deficit spending, the trend should continue.The trend is definately up,and if I might borrow a phrase from another member. THE TREND IS YOUR FRIEND.From twenty year old experience,I recognized the trend last year ,and have been adding to winning positions ever since.Along with some index put options I traded last year as the market plunged,this is the easiest money I've made since the bubble.Some of the stocks mentioned above ,have PE's and at current metal prices all operate profitably.The reason I chose the stocks I mentioned is because potential price appreciation is much greater on a percentage basis.
  4. ..........potential price appreciation is much greater on a percentage basis as oppossed to large or senior producers such as NEM,ABX,BVN,PDG.etc...oooooooppppssss.