any good OPTION trading prop firm?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by fpga, May 3, 2013.

  1. fpga


    Hi, All,
    Could you recommend a good OPTION trading firm which accepts remote trader?
    I have S-7.
  2. hey, have a look at Optiver! not sure if they accept remote traders but with a solid track record they might.
  3. avarice trading
  4. FSU


    How much capital are you going to deposit?
  5. coachd


    I know WTS for awhile was doing Options for selected traders not sure if they still are
  6. IVtrader



    I know that Maverick, Bluefin, DRW trade options and may allow remote trading. Maverick wants $5000 for their "training". I cant speak for Bluefin or DRW.

    I participated in a webinar back in October that Maverick hosted and exchanged some chatroom conversation with John Frohlich who founded Maverick. nice guy, intelligent. he referred me to Maverick recruiter Darren Fischer who I actually talked with a couple days later on the phone. Darren was the one who said they wanted $5000 for their training and he wouldn't budge on the 5k number. guess he doesn't know there are other firms that trade options or didn't care.

    I highly recommend you contact these firms directly and speak with someone.

    good luck

    IV trader
  7. 1245


    I believe Bluefin is a tradition prop firm, not one you can just join. You have to apply for a job.

  8. dealmaker


    You can trade options at ECHOtrade and they accept S7. You will need $25k account size or more.