Any good option advisory services

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    I am looking for a couple services that have a decent track record in selecting equity and index option plays on a weekly or daily basis.
    Anyone with experience (either good or bad) please let me know.
    Thanks in advance.
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  3. I'm negative on any investment advisory schills.

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    As a moderator you don't need to direct me to a brokerage firm that compensates you.......My question remains unanswered.
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    If anyone had a consistent track record in selecting equity and index option plays, they'd trade them for the bucks.

    Them that can, do. Them that can't teach (or sell investment advice to those who have get rich easy dreams). Selling words is where the easy money is.

    And that's my ever so slightly cynical two cents :D
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    The underlying reason that it would be difficult to find a service for you is that every trader has a unique Trader Profile.

    A service is designed to generate a lot of Trading Ideas hoping 1 idea will stick for you.

    You are better off developing a Trading Profile first. How much Risk Capital do you have? Do You Need Income and how Much? Do you want to Speculate or position trade?

    After you have identified your Trading Profile, you then should look for an advisory service.

    Credit Spreads, Directional Plays, Covered Plays, Scalping Plays, etc. You need to develop a Trading Style from your Trader Profile.

    The biggest mistake would be to look at an advisory service for the track record or how many books they have written. This may not fit the reality of your Trader Profile.

    Its a waste of money. Every Advisory service will tout their best plays or be in a sweet spot for the markets at 1 time or the other to show their expertise.
  10. Your questioned would be answered if you took an extra second before the snappy retort LOL.

    First, Thinkroswim does not compensate people for referrals. Seonds, the reason for the link is that Thinkorswim also has a number of advisory services that are pretty inexpensive and a number of people have had good things to say about.

    So go to ToS's website and look up their advisory services and see if any meet your needs.

    But bottom line advisory services all have their shortcomings and may be useful initially for educational purposes.

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