Any Good News for Obama Must Be a Conspiracy

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  1. Today's jobs report is the best news President Obama has received in months. So naturally conservatives assume the whole thing is a giant conspiracy. For most of his presidency, the unemployment rate has been held up as the biggest piece of evidence that President Obama is a failure. When the news came today that it's finally dropped below the level the it was at when he took office, it only took minutes for the doubters to assume the entire enterprise is nothing but a lie.

    The biggest name to weigh in was Jack Welch, the former General Electric CEO whose legendary management performance was known to include the occasional manipulation of financial results. The implication of his tweet is the President simply called the Bureau of Labor Statistics—one of the most trustworthy departments in all of government—and got them to lie for him.

    For some, that doesn't hold water. (After all, there have been plenty of months where the BLS did him no favors.) There must be something even more sinister going on, tweeted a Senior Writer for the Washington Examiner.

    I don't think BLS cooked numbers. I think a bunch of Dems lied about getting jobs. That would have same effect.
    — Conn Carroll (@conncarroll) October 5, 2012
    Think about what that would mean. Rather than assume that a friendly liberal economist fudged some numbers to help the president's reelection, Carroll thinks it's more plausible that hundreds of thousands of unemployed Democrats simultaneously lied to a survey taker to protect their favorite president. A president who hasn't helped them get a job.

    It seems that there is a certain brand of conservatives that is so determined to deny the president the credit for any good news, that they no longer believe good news is even possible. Rather than argue that the change in unemployment might be in spite of, not because of, the president's policies—a perfectly defensible stance—they insist that the change is not even happening. From there, it's not a huge leap to believing that the news is not just wrong, but a deliberate fabrication. Polls showing Romney trailing in key swing states can't just be "within the margin of error," or even unreliable or poorly conceived. They're clearly being altered to help the President.
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    If conservatives cannot get control of all these "conspirators", academia, the media, working scientists, and now pollsters, then it's clear they are not fit to lead.
  3. Bureau of Labor Statistics released figures showing that 873, 000 more people had jobs in America than the previous month—the most jobs created since 1983—and that the unemployment rate had declined to 7.8 percent.


    Welch referred to this statement. How come no on is addressing this statement?

    Krugman uses some other analogy to explain the numbers.


    Seriously, you guys believe this month the most job were created since 1983...??????

    Just answer ...yes or no
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    A 'free thinker' does not question one of the most statisically anomalous jobs reports of all time.

    LOL! what a bunch of closed minded hacks
  5. so you also think that obama manipulated the numbers to help his election chances?
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    I think Welch and Eastwood should do a road show. And if they occasionally can't make it to a venue, then they should be replaced by a couple of chairs. Or, better yet, stools.
  7. Birther, Kenyan, Colonial, skewed polls, over-polling dems, margin of error, cooked the BLS books, Socialist, Communist, voter suppression, Manchurian candidate. Did I leave off any excuses FT? When dealing with a made up caricature of the President, instead of the actual President

    The race got closer, we'll have to wait and see. If we end up with the latest Romney 2.0, back to the middle of the road, maybe not so bad.
  8. No.

    Obama couldn't find the BLS web site.

    Obama is partying likes it's 1999 with 7.8 ue#.
  9. I doubt they counted bagging burgers part time, garage sales, and selling old items on e-bay as gainfully employed back in 1983. 600,000 of last months jobs were nothing but people picking up a little cash on the side, or part time McJobs.

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    Obama himself? No

    Do you think that government workers are paragons of integrity that are beyond question? Do you think one of the most anomalous reports of all time should be questioned?
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