Any good looking male traders in France?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by annlise, May 7, 2012.

  1. annlise


    I am half French, and will be in France next week.

    Any good looking hedge fund traders in Paris willing to take me out for dinner and champagne should pm me.
  2. what do you look like?

    ...and how much do you cost?
  3. asap


    sarkozy is your man, not sure if he's gonna PM you though. heard he was caught off guard during the weekend.
  4. I always dreamt of a conversation on conspiracy theories about Mr President with an escort in Paris. It would be like in a motion picture, we could do that yeah.

    lol you people
  5. What about Dominque Strauss the socialist frog? He is there, along with Roman Pervertski. They both are usually up for a romp even if the woman is not.

    Sarkozy is with his second super model wife but most likely she will be leaving him soon now that the check isnt coming in every week.
  6. Assuming you're an attractive female model, how does dinner at Paris McDonald's sound? You can get a Happy Meal :)
  7. I like a girl who comes right to the point. Don't pick on her guys. The world needs more like her!
  8. gmst



    The most intelligent post till now :)
  9. JB3


    Please post your blotter first. :D
  10. But where are you from? Something tells me it's not Wisconsin. :(
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