Any good live forex chat rooms?

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  1. Thanx everyone that is all good information. So to be more specific I'm looking for #4 according to (wbrtrader). Just a plain interest in learning the trading ropes from someone who knows more than me. (Someone serious).

    I've done a lot of reading on trading an it seems that one of the main common denominators that most successful traders have is that their trading didn't really start to take off until they found themselves some sort of mentor.

    Listening to podcasts, watching videos, and reading from various traders who have become successful they all say the same thing. They surrounded themselves with a good Mastermind and they then became successful. ( And this is rather or not they are trying to push a product).

    My assumption is that the only way to find that Mastermind or group of people who know more than you is to meet new people Via some sort of forex chat room. I guess maybe on the forums too? Either way I wanted to align myself with people who know what they are doing because I understand that this is a must if I want to become successful. I do understand there are a lot of hours I need to put into myself with back testing strategies and just plain old screen time with the markets before that happens. But I am also under a strong belief that I need a support group who is serious about trading as I am. So if that's the case I need to know where the best places to connect with such people are. Rather its some sort of paid service or not.

    Another point that I understand is that there is more money to be made in the markets rather than teaching someone else to do it. Its like a sport. Why would LeBron James teach others how to play basketball for pennies when he can make billions just playing it? So I understand all the best traders are not out there trying to teach and mentor others. But I cant be convinced that all traders that are trying to teach or sell a product are just marketers and don't know what they are doing. The ratio might be 1 in 100 are actually good so I'm interested in finding that 1%.

    They say smart people learn from their mistakes but wise people learn from the mistakes of others. If I can curb some of the mistakes I'm going to make by connecting with like minded (serious) individuals then I would say that's a win/win. It makes it more interesting to me to find out were all the serious traders hang out or connect because it doesn't seem like anybody knows and I'm convinced that such place does exist. (Or maybe I'm new and dumb and haven't learned that it really doesn't exist yet lol)
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    Have you considered tradingview? besides good guys its easy to share charts and ideas, that's why I love it
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    I think Telegram is playing an important role in this regard. Most of the traders share their thoughts via chat with each other on the telegram channels which are paid and unpaid as well. You have to find the local groups for trustability factor. Thanks!
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    If you still looking forex trading chat rooms then according to me you can visit reddit dot com and join niche related groups, and here you can also join different types of forex & crypto trading chat rooms, plz don't spam in chat rooms, if you do spam then reddit will block you
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    Pete faders VSA

    He is down at the moment but does have a group that is up during the London session. Not sure when he is coming back on, but he has surely been the best in my experience. And his course is paramount. In my opinion you shouldn’t be trading live without his variant on VSA. My opinion of course!

    But the majority of his material is free on YouTube. If you already know your way around a chart you should be able to get enough from the free material to decide!

    Good luck to you!! It’s tough and there is A LOT of bullshit out there. Pete fader vsa method is one of 2-3 I trust (for whatever that is worth).
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    I found chat rooms a distraction and a waste of time because for our posts to be relevant, we would all need to be using the same (or similar) strategy and to be trading the same currency pairs, and even then, experienced traders will not be interested to participate.
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    Absolute truth. Probably for a very beginner chat can be useful but it should be used only for asking questions and provided there will be clear-cut answers. Reading garbage should be avoided.
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  8. Forex chat rooms are the worst. It is the blind leading the blind. Literally.
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