Any good info or just a waste of time

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  1. Let's see a former marketmaker selling an investment letter. Don't bet the farm on him he sounds like a snake oil salesman. I bet this piece of sh!t is nothing more than a failed hedgefund manger not willing to let go of his ego. If you want to take a course the most legit one I have seen lately is Don Bright's. At least he makes a living from trading and his student's get to sit in his office.
  2. I picked it up for $29.95 when I was starting trading. It is a poorly written booklet. The one thing I got from it was this:

    Don't follow a system that purports to teach you how to beat the specialists and market makers. You can't do it. Period.

    Try to identify what the big boys are doing and go along for the ride. Don't be dumb money.

    He isn't very specific in the $29.95 book... for specifics he recommends getting the $995.00 videos, books and personal phone calls. What I inferred is that he fades the market at about 10:00 AM EST.

    If you buy into theory that you can identify what the big boys are doing then look at this:

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