Any Good Fundamentals Ranking Sources?

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  1. I'm looking to find a source that rates the fundamentals of companies so that I can check to see that companies price isn't rising solely on hopes and dreams before I buy for a swing trade. I'm not looking to go into financial records to do my own math, just looking for the "gist".

    I've heard of IBD's 0-100 ranking system and it sounds like exactly what I need... just not at $30 a month. Anything free and almost as good would be great.

  2. try
    i've used their zacks rank for years with great returns. they monitor analysts estimate don't hav to do the research this way...analsts due it for you.
  3. If you look hard enough, you can find the weekly update of the IBD 100 replicated at various places on the web for free.
  4. Thanks for the Zacks link but their ratings require membership too :(

    Finding the top 100 IBD rankings will be helpful in forming a watch list, but what about if I decide to monitor a stock for other reasons and want to do a quick check of fundamentals before entering a swing trade?

    Is there any site I can just enter a ticker symbol and get a summary of the fundamentals for free?
  5. MTE



    Step 1. Click on "PowerScreener Lite" in the left nav

    Step 2. If not a Reuters member, sign up (for free), otherwise log in

    Step 3. Click the big number to the right of "Select Company List"... it should be 8892 or thereabouts

    Step 4. From the "Layouts" menu choose a built-in layout that has the fundamentals you're looking for

    Step 5. Download the entire screen to Excel (.slk format)

    Step 6. Use Excel's PERCENTRANK function to generate a 0-99 score for the fundamentals column(s) that you're considering.

    The data is updated weekly, about, I think. And it will take a while to download. However, once it's downloaded, it's all there on your computer and you can look it up instantly.