Any Good Free Papertrading Site or Software

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  1. for futures or stocks?
  2. Do you mean simulator?

    You could try the DAS one at alliancetrader

    You could try QuoteTracker (plugging in numbers using edit --> portfolio)

    The above are for stocks.

    I haven't found any simulators for futures. (But if you find one, post it here.) I did find a free trial account at IB Direct for futures, and they have a real-time e-min chart, but you would have to write down your papertrades on actual paper.
  3. Yes I meant a simulator. Preferablly real-time.
  4. There is a simulator on Realfasttrader that can trade both stocks and emini futures:

    It automatically lets you trade stock, but if you call or email after you sign up, just tell them the demo user name and they'll enable it to trade futures too.
  5. Just a FWIW thanks to IB for giving account holders the "paper trade" account.

    I've been testing some new futures systems on it. Super useful, but you have to be VERY rigorous, like always, and treat it like a real account.

    I log the details of each and every trade in Excel and take pains to make sure I do exactly what would be done with real money. I take profits at the targets, and losses at the stops. Add in some slip and commish, suppress emotion...and viola - darn near real!

    Since I have been trading hundreds and hundreds of stocks, over thousands of systematic trades (with a real account! I'm in the market every single day), I have the experience to make this work.

    Hmmmm, but when I go live with the futs sys and I'm down 37 points, will I be able to toe the line? You bet! :cool:

    Systematic trading + proper backtesting and paper trading = Works For Me.

    Good trading to all. :)
  6. While you're at it also try
    It is made for futures by real traders.
    You can simulate on recorded data or connect to your live-TWS/IB and use actual realtime data for simulated trading. It's free, real-account simulation needs registration.

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    If you have a IB account you can use TSim+ by for futs and stocks and you can use it for live trading also.