Any good free chatroom trading ES?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by cookding, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. cookding


    Hi all,

    Any good free active chatroom trading ES out there? I used to know some but they become inactive. Thanks.
  2. wildshoe


    im interested as well
  3. Mine is the best. $300/month.
  4. The ES journal.
  5. Lornz


    Can I pay more?
  6. N.... yes, but only you.
  7. I only charge $2000 for mine

    I provide complimentary mojitos for all of my clients
  8. cookding


    I am back using the SANUK chat for now. Thanks.
  9. Perhaps someone is cool enough to initiate a channel on Othernet IRC? I would offer myself as moderator and drop by regularly. But stick it to the ES, please. I'm not interested in anything else.
  10. I posted a thread a bit back about getting a ventrilo server/mumble server. If enough people show interest ill rent one for sure. If anyone wants to know what this is pm me or post here, i think it would be really beneficial.
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