Any good forex signals service ?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Goodfray, Oct 25, 2005.

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  1. Goodfray


    Can anyone recommend a good forex signals site ?
    Any feedback will be appreciated.
  2. Peter35


    I use Fxmaster signals for almost 1 year and half and it works very well for me. They don't claim high false profits like other forex signals. Their average return is 380 pips/month since they started. You can check their past results

    Good luck
  3. Santos30


    Fxmaster is a good signal service. i tested them for a while and the results were very satisfying. Anyway, i'm trying FXCM signals for free now. If it works then i will stick to FXCM signals and save the subscription fees i pay to the signal provider.
  4. Here's something potentially far more useful than a single "good forex signals site": a free / non-commercial review of dozens of them:

    Enjoy your homework.
  5. 4xtrader


    I agree with you Late Apex. is the only internet site specialized in reviewing forex signals services.

    The best services i got from their reviews are

    These 3 services are the only who are profitable,easy to follow and show honest results.
  6. Santos30


    I doubt that Forex-MHV is a good system. It doesn't show exact exit points. so your results may differ from what's posted in their site.
  7. Santos30


    Fxmaster claims +1150 pips in November. Can any of their subscribers confirm it?
  8. Peter35


    I can confirm it. They had very good perormance in November after the draw down in October.
  9. Are you the same peter from Fxmaster?
  10. Truff


    I hope not. Ive been l;ooking at the site for a while and have been impressed. The perfromance has been good(if its real) and it doesn't trade that often. Perfect for me. I would be very dissapointed if the the only good review came from the provider pumping his own product.
    #10     Dec 12, 2005
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