Any Good Day Trading Methods/What are good Returns

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by marxdhr, Jan 16, 2009.

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    I have been trading off daily charts for a long time but am a newbie to day trading. Can anyone direct me to a day trading methodology that really works?

    Also, what kind of return should an experienced day trader make? In my first 50 sessions of day trading I am earning approximately 71.5% per annum on a 200 unit bankroll betting 1 unit (.5%) per trade. I have found the returns tougher to achieve of late. I have no idea if these are good, medium or poor day trading returns.

    Thank you for considering my post.
  2. Daytraders don't talk % returns. The prop firms give you all the leverage you need.

    We talk $ bills. $800 day, $300/day, $3000/day, etc.
  3. LOL you are talking as if you are a trader

    even if you are you ain't making a cent

    I can bet 100 k you are not one of us :cool:
  4. The less risk you take, the smaller your return is, usually.

    The opposite can be argued as well, because in the long term, the traders who trade small end up surviving to make more in the future (with a LARGER bankroll).

    My bro is up 800% (newbie) but he has some unseen talents as well. Other than that, he could have blown out on a single trade if he wasn't careful (Which he was!).

    So that huge return was a product of his huge risk taking, which paid off...
    it doesn't always pay to be a high roller though, unless it's risk-capitol you can MORE than afford to lose (by throwing into the wind!).

    I'd say, shoot for 10% a month.

    Don't lose big. If you don't hit a target, chill, breath and relax.
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    Thank you very much for your thoughtful and non-sarcastic answer. Based on my first three months of trading in which I am making about 6% per month, your answer that one should shoot for 10% per month, even in day trading, seems very reasonable and conservative.

    Good luck in your trading.