any good chat rooms in Paltalk & Hotcomm?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by zxcv1fu, May 22, 2005.

  1. zxcv1fu


    Wonder any are really good?
  2. I kind of like the MarketVu show on Paltalk. Its a commercial site but they keep a running commentary on news, upgrades, etc. and the s&p pit sqwak box is always on in the background. Alerts to upcoming numbers also.
  3. zxcv1fu


    Many information in Vu's room, I like Christine Grace. She gaives clear stop & entry.

    I am looking for a chat room that run by sucessful moderators to provide clear calls & make $$$. Many just tell you the support & resistance level but not clear calls.
  4. F. d'Anconia

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    I like The calls are defined and with hard stops. Its just one dude, Peter something (i cant remember his last name) but he's good. They seem to make money almost everyday. He called aapl live at $39 even at like 11:15 which impressed me.
  5. TGregg


    I listened to that for a while, and gave it up when it was still free. Vu's a tard, and generally worth fading. S&PMentor is an arrogant SOB and not worth much IMO. They also had a trader named Jerry that seemed to have a clue - I respected his opinion. Dunno if he's still with them.

    The Squawk they had running was worthwhile, IMO. It seemed as though one could easily make enough extra loot to pay for it - just a few hints a month. I really should sign up for that. One of these days.

    Dunno about Paltalk, but there are exclusive chatrooms that one has to be invited to. I suspect these are the best.
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    Every trader has different style. We need to find one that good for out personality.

    Vu's room has lots of information. There is a tradingzone rm gy Greg in paltalk is decent but I do not know exact how well it is. He uses the 3 lots ES entry like some others. Many uses market profile or S/R to trade ES. I'd like to find some w/ trend following trades whether in stocks/futures/options.

    Some rooms performance can not be that good cause their members decreases.
  7. Truff


    check out elricardostradingroom on Paltalk. Guy trades futures and stocks. Benn listening to him for a few weeks and he semms very good.
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    I have sent a good trader to check him out when he first appeared in Paltalk a few months ago. That trader told me not to waste my time. He used to have 200 in his room, now less than 100. Numbers do not lie:) I use it as my chat room performance indicator. If he is semi-decent he will manage to have paid room by now. Even paid room have many horror story.

    We need to find out who really is making $$$.
  9. Truff


    Your misinformed. reason there was more people in the room a month ago cause it was FREE. Now its a monthly charge. I think you should get all your facts straight before you analyze your chat room indicator.
  10. r-in


    Truff, does Elricardo make money on his calls? I use to see him in a hotcomm room I was in and he seemed like he was doing well, but wasn't paying close attention to see if he was posting after the fact trades or what.
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