any good casino operator stocks/asia?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Ms Varima-Garch, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. i would be interested in making a long-term investment in a good casino operator stock, listed in hong kong and/or nyse (adrs).

    i'm very bullish on the long-term prospects of the gaming industry in asia. but i really want to study the relevant companies, the leaders in the region, before making a move.

    how is MPEL doing, with its macau casino? anyone considering making a similar investment? BTW, is there an asia gaming company ETF, by any chance?

  2. Check this out. This could be an important development for the casino industry in Macau.

    A word of advice: I would be very cautious about investing in a casino company. Make sure the casino has a quantifiable edge. The odds of the casino winning should be stacked against the players, over the long run.

    Otherwise management is playing a game of luck. One lucky player could easily destroy the whole Macau project. This should not happen in a properly operated casino company.

    This is serious stuff, be careful!
  3. galaxyentertainment dot com
    Make your own research, I looked at it 2-3 years ago and have no clue wether it's goog or not.
    Some US caisno operators have operations/development in Asia as well. But I dont know which and you are also exposed to the operations in LVS.
  4. I was in Macau in 2007. I had been to Wynn's and Venetian. MGM was being built at the time. I don't know who else were coming in.

    My opinion: I think these hotels/casinos in Macau were getting saturated very fast. In 2007 Venetian was very crowded. But I think mostly it was from tourists' curiosity. Personally I do not see how they can sustain having so many casinos operating profitably in such a small place (relying on tourists from Mainland China and other South East Asian countries flying in).