Any good brokers with API?

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    Hi, All!

    Does any body now good brokers with API which are suitable for High Frequency Arbitrage Trading?

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  2. check out IB
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    Thanks, but what URL for IB is?

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  5. I used to have a link from IB that shows a list of all the other api programs and how they rate with IB's tws.
    this is the closest I found. When I find that link I'll paste it here again later. There's only a few programs listed here. The other link had dozens.
    You can check here for now. There's both charting and api software here. You'll have to sift through.

    Ninjatrader seemed to be one of the best and most expensive. This one seems to be pretty nice. You can lease it monthly or buy it for 300 I think. Buttontrader is another good one. That's 100 bucks. Zeroline trader has good reviews too.

    I'm not sure if this works with IB's forex? I assume it does. Some fx dealers offer api, but I'm skeptical about scalping with forex dealers. I don't have experience with IB either, but a few of my friends never had problems with them.

    good luck
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    Take a look at RedSky Financial ( While we do not make our own FOREX markets, we do offer api connectivity to Hotspot and Hotspot Institutional.

  7. Actually, ButtonTrader can be a lot less than $100 a month, depending on the license type you choose. As little as $22 a month, or $55 for 3 months, for Lite. (I said, Bud Light.)

    See and click on "License and Fees" for details. I use BT Standard; either that or Lite probably offers far more features than most traders will ever need.

    Yes, BT works just fine with IB IDEALPro forex.
  8. oops... I meant Bracket Trader. Bracket Trader is 100. ButtonTrader seems good too.
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    Thanks All for Your replies!

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    CoesFX has an API for free.

    FXCM has one for $600 a month...which can be reduced by your trading activity.
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