Any good brokers that offer 3 pips spread on GBP/USD and 400:1 mini account?

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by xjun, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. xjun

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    Any good and regulated brokers that offer GBP/USD in 3 pips or less? I know ECN type broker has very tight spreads, but they do not offer mini account with 1:200 or 1:400 leverage. Most only have 1:100.
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    1:100 only?!? You are right...that's nothing.
  3. Personally I would stay away from any firm that offers 400:1.

    I don't know how much your understanding about forex is but if they are offering 400:1 they are not only trading against you they will rig the game so that you lose. WITHOUT EXCEPTION!

    Keep in mind fx is not regulated and any market maker can be off the market as much as he dam well pleases.

    Therefore, he will gun you down if your using stops. If you are profitable that mm will throw you ass to the street. There is more but I will leave it at that.

    If you do some research you WILL find a very strong correlation between how much success any one trader witnesses and the amount of leverage he uses.

    I have yet to find a profession speculator with long-term profitability that uses 400:1 leverage.

    If there are some out there who have long-term profitability with this amount (400:1 etc) of leverage well than god bless because you are a better man than I!

    Do yourself a favor and go with the multi-bank portal. Keep you leverage at a 100:1 max. Actually, I would use less but that is just me.

    Best of luck!