Any Good Books on PropFirm?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by inPeace, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. inPeace


    Want to know how this industry make money out of traders/trading. Thanks!
  2. NazSpaz


    Pay $1K to take the Bright course, count how many people are in the room with you also paying $1K and multiply that to equal = X, when you get home look at the thin notebook they give you with 3-hole punched copies of topics they will cover with room for your notes (assuming this hasn't changed in many years since I saw it), estimate the cost of that per student which = Y, then do this formula.

    Every month they make X - Y which by my math is a very large number.

    My estimate X = 40K they take in, Y = 1K (or much less) to make the materials, profit = $39K.

    Not bagging on it, just sayin' it must be a nice revenue stream.

    I'm sure all the firms have had to get creative like this since we ain't paying a penny per share anymore.
  3. inPeace


    do you mean that the business model of proprietary trading firm doesnt work and that selling unrealistic billionaire dream to people is the only legal way to make money for them?

    well, i'm more interested in knowing about those proprietary firms that generate contstant revenue from decent trading activities.
    i make money from trading myself. so i believe there must be room for organized group trading. logically.

    but thank you for reminding me of the perhaps common phenomenon in the indtustry : )