Any good books on Elliot Wave?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by emk662, Aug 10, 2001.

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    Any elliot wave theorists here? I wonder if you can recommend a book to me. I remember a guy in "Market Wizards" mentioned two books, but I cannot locate those books on Do you have any ideas about the good books you think?

    Thank you.
  2. The only one that I have read, but it's considered to be a classic on E-waves, is the Elliot Wave Principle, by Robert Prechter. The wave theory gets a bit hard to follow at times, especially when your trying to figure what wave the market might be in at a given time.

  3. emk662: I also read the Prechter book. I found it very unpreceise. For every rule he offers multiple exceptions, so found it impossible to "codify" his approach.

    That doesn't mean that it wont work for you, but I gave up on using elliot wave in a systematic way. There is a good introduction to Elliot Wave in Synthia Case's "Trading with the Odds" book. I found her approach much clearer.

  4. Hi EMK662

    Rober Miners book called "Dynamic Trading" has alot about incorporating Elliot Wave, Fib Ratios and Gann into a unified trading system. One of the best trading books written in the last ten years.

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    I agree with Sterling.
    Miner's is not a preacher of Elliott Wave he concentrates on the real thing : $$$$
    It is also a real trading plan. It does not mean you make money with it, but at least it gives you sound principle and method, then it's up to you to screw it up with your psychology :)

  6. Try, Fibonacci Applications and Strategies for Traders by Robert Fischer. Do not be decieved by the title, the book deals with Elliott Wave and applies Fibonacci strategies. Published by John Wiley & Sons. Check it out.