Any good advising service for Forex?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by sdp2000, Sep 29, 2005.

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    Does any body know good advising service for forex market?
    I'm interested in buy/sell recomendations

    If You have used it please write Your impression about quality of service i.e. accuracy of signals?
    is it worth of money paying for them?
  2. Hello sdp2000, yes there's a few around here.
  3. don't use a signal service.
  4. follow a coin flip. heads buy euro at the close, tails sell euro at the close. at least this way when your account blows up, you won't have anybody to blame but yourself:D

    You want to trade sucessfully?

    Try and learn a method, don't pay for advice, pay for knowledge. Buy a book or two, try out the methods in the book, watch them work, watch them fail, formulate theories about what the market will do.

    You need to be accountable to your trades, a signal service takes this away from you. A method empowers you.
  5. sdp2000, what pairs are you wanting to trade? I would be happy to be of assistance.
    Depth Trade
  6. It's like anything else on this site: the people who outright ask for decent help usually won't know what to do with it, while those continually shouting from the rooftops offer the least useful advice. Put those two together = one ugly train wreck.
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