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    I have finshed my MSc Finance, looking to start PhD in Finance (Not from Top tier Uni's), is it worthed to do PhD in Finance. Else, I am thinking of doing MPhil, which finishes in 1 year, and start my career in investment banking.

  2. One thing that a Phd will do is allow you to teach at an University, giving you time to trade on the side and still have a paycheck.
  3. One man's thoughts (MBA from back in '93):

    If you want to be an investment banker I think the MBA would have been the best bet -- at least in the US. The Phd is meaningless in that area as most of what you are doing are low tech deals -- in a structuring sense -- for high monetary value. The Msc leaves you typecast as something between a quant and a MBA -- neither fish nor fowl.

    Having said that, a Phd in finance is valuable if you have very strong math and programming skills already or are willing to acquire them along the way. In that event, you could then label yourself as a potential quant and get a start in that direction. However, if you are not going to a top 10 uni, I have no idea what your prospects will be initially. In the long run talent usually shows through.
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    In my opinion the only good thing about a PhD is being able to teach at a University afterwards.

    Otherwise its a waste of time.


    P.S if you want to be a trader you don't even need a High School degree.
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    I would agree with this, I think that an MBA would probably give you better career options than pursuing a Phd.

    Interestingly enough, I don't think that the university I'm at offers large numbers of finance classes for anyone other than business faculty students. There are a few Math classes that cover it (I'm doing one next semester for easy credits entitled "Theory of Interest"), but nothing really in depth.

    I'll have to take a look through the uni's calendar to see if there is any mention of a Science Masters degree in finance...
  6. Wharton is good...

    But, then again, I may be biased...


    thanks but will as a Third Tier Uni's PhD in Finance, does it pay at the end. As MBA is more General, rather then specializing. I at not that a genious type in quat or math or programming, but do understand and can make financial models and asset models.

    But, looking at , the demand of PhD is certainly their, but the ordeal of 3-4 year quiet long commitment.
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