Any Gap Traders Out There? Pass Along Some Images of Your Gap Trades, Good And Bad.

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    mind the gap2.jpg trading gap trading breakaway continuation exhaustion.jpg

    Gap Traders
    _____ post some guidelines that keep you gap traders profitable and in the game.
    do's and dont's
    tips tricks and traps
    Anybody who wants to do a little digging online and post a round-up of what you conclude, or find, or a summary, or... do it to it.

    gap trading breakaway continuation exhaustion trading breakaway continuation exhaustion&

    gap trade fill
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    Doji Best Friend Signal

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    is there such a thing as a continuation doji? or a measured move doji?
    continuation doji end engulfing2m2.png
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  4. IMV, the only candlestick patters of worth are those at the end of big/range moves, indicating "reversal possible".... Morning Star, Evening Star, Shooting Star, Hanging Man, Hammer, Engulfing, Dark Cloud Cover.... and maybe Harami.

    There are 4 kinds of gaps...


    Initially you have to guess as to which one it is... but at least it's limited to these alternatives.
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    i used to trade gap ups all the time on earnings.
    however, i would find myself chasing at the open and would sometime get destroyed on the pull back. what i do now is wait about 10-20 minutes, sometimes a little longer before i jump in on a pull back. playing gaps are tough but can be quite rewarding. it takes discipline and caution.
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